Coral Reefs

For those who would love to see the underwater but hesitate to take the deep plunge, snorkeling is a wonderful alternative. Since the lagoons of Maldives are so clear that with just a snorkel masks and fins you can be witness to the activities of the many different species of fish that are found near the reef at Rasdhoo. You are guaranteed to encounter playful fish and rare corals even on the island reefs and perhaps a turtle or some other curious creatures too if you are lucky.

Manta Dive

Experiencing the beauty of the manta ray up close and personal is an experience you will always cherish. The manta rays live in the Maldives year – round, migrating from one part of the atoll to another depending on the season. Manta Rays are safe to be around as they don’t have stingers like sting rays. Rasdhoo Relax Inn offers you the chance to experience close up time with Manta.


Diving is one of the best way to explore the beauty of Maldives under water. Coral reefs near Rasdhoo are filled with different species of coral and marine creature. Beautiful species like lobsters, sharks and turtles are all around.


Night fishing is one of the common excursion tourists take in Rasdhoo Island. In night fishing a fishing vessel of 20 to 30 feet will leave the island with passengers and tourists at night fall. In sea, the vessel will spent nearly 3 hours. In the meantime, everyone on the ship would have the opportunity to be a fisherman. Most of the night fishing are successful trips according to most fishermen in Rasdhoo.

Big Game Fishing

Rasdhoo Relax Inn offers you the life time chance to experience fishing in traditional local style of fishing by using fishing line and weights. Big game fishing arrangements will be done either by using speed boats or traditional Dhoani. When you go for big game fishing make sure you have rod and lures. Explore the fishing spots in the Maldives and have the privilege to catch the biggest fish of your lifetime.


Sunset cruises are among the most romantic activities pursuable while holidaying in the Maldives. Visitors can choose a cruise around the Indian Ocean with a loved one on the ship’s deck as they watch the sun go down. Occasionally it’s possible to catch glimpses of schools of dolphins as the boat winds its way along its course. Making it one of the most memorable experience of your holiday in Maldives.